Vlad III Draculea, the Wallachian prince on whom Stoker's vampire was reportedly based.

Understanding “Dracula”

Vampire stories, while timeless, are really only as narratively rich as the world they emerge from and thematically draw on. Continue reading

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Newsfail: An Interview with Citizen Radio’s Allison Kilkenny and Jamie Kilstein

The founders of Citizen Radio chat with Greg Olear about their new book, #NEWSFAIL. Continue reading

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Monday Rock City: A Conversation with Jimmy Wayne — Good Things Coming from Hard Times

Abandoned by his jailbird mama in a Greyhound bus station at age 13, singer-songwriter Jimmy Wayne seemed destined for destitution and an early grave. But through the kindness of strangers – “God sends strange angels,” he says – Wayne rose to become a hit songwriter, author, and advocate for the homeless. J.M. Blaine gets some down-home philosophy from Wayne, plus tidbits about Ozzy, the Nashville song mill, and Daryl Hall’s indoor pool. Continue reading

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izzlenozzle small

Sunday Light and Word – Epigram of the Last Hundred Years

“Searching the angles of chance” Continue reading

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Every single thing that we shouldn’t be talking about now combined in one easy-to-swallow gel cap. Continue reading

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The Crystal Ball. John William Waterhouse 1902.

Project Ex: Why I Talk About The Extraordinary and Why I Want You To Do the Same

Bona fide High Frequency Responder Suzanne Clores talks about the extraordinary experiences that bind us all. An extraordinary experience can stop your breathing, advance your heart rate, raise your temperature and even trigger the vagus nerve, leaving you in a heap, she says. And it’s high time we gave the ole amygdala some credit and embraced the weird. Cause really, it’s not so weird at all. It may just be science. Continue reading

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The Power of Political Narrative: Part Two, The Dems

While today’s Republican Party has the cowardice of its convictions, the feckless Dems are experts at stepping on their own…message. It may, sadly, be too late for the mid-terms, but can they get on the right side of a true narrative, and history, before 2016? Continue reading

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