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Amanda Nazario is a writer, radio host, and dog walker living in Jersey City, NJ. Her stories and essays have been published in Harpur Palate, failbetter, Alligator Juniper, New South, Guernica, and other journals. She is currently working on a novel.

The 38 Sleepiest Corgi Puppies Ever: Contemporary List Culture and its Antecedents

In which Amanda Nazario addresses the compulsion to list, to think in lists and create categories and what it says about this modern moment. And presents the 38 sleepiest corgis. Continue reading

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Marcy Playground: Come on're better than that.

Smelling Sex and Candy: Anatomy of a Bad Song

DJ and author Amanda Nazario takes on Marcy Playground’s “Sex and Candy,” and ends up tackling the thorny trends of unrequited love songs. We even include a playlist of great songs about crushes. Continue reading

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It’s not a dog’s life. No, but as a dog walker Amanda Nazario gets a new view of life, love and the city… Continue reading

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My Dick in what looks like a hotel, no?

The Enemy of Mediocrity is Hilarity

Sometimes satire is the greatest homage as Amanda Nazario discovers listening to My Dick, which takes her from Ween to Billy Joel. And, back. Continue reading

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Album titles like titles "So Fine" or "It's Gonna Work Out Fine" and "Workin' Together" seem to belie a darker truth

A Second-Hand Indignation

Amanda Nazario wonders what love’s got to do with it – and how to judge Ike Turner and his work. Can you like his music? If so what does it mean? Continue reading

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Let Them Know It’s Christmastime Again

Learning from Jingle Bell Rock, Amanda Nazario discovers the joy of Christmas – and music. And Christmas music. Continue reading

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The Cramps

Love, Lonesome Town, the Cramps, Thanksgiving and that unattainable guy… Amanda Nazario writes on them all and the year the economy drifted south… Continue reading

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The Elk for the Elks Club in Hoboken.

One Mile Square, A Night, A Life In Hoboken

Welcome To Hoboken: birthplace of baseball and Frank Sinatra and home to the best music venue in the NYC area. Amanda Nazario meditates on the Mile Square City and its many charms. Continue reading

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