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Amanda Nazario is a writer and radio host born in New York City. Her work has been published both in print and online in Harpur Palate, failbetter, Alligator Juniper, New South, Guernica, and elsewhere. She lives in Brooklyn.

Let Them Know It’s Christmastime Again

Learning from Jingle Bell Rock, Amanda Nazario discovers the joy of Christmas – and music. And Christmas music. Continue reading

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The Cramps

Love, Lonesome Town, the Cramps, Thanksgiving and that unattainable guy… Amanda Nazario writes on them all and the year the economy drifted south… Continue reading

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One Mile Square, A Night, A Life In Hoboken

Welcome To Hoboken: birthplace of baseball and Frank Sinatra and home to the best music venue in the NYC area. Amanda Nazario meditates on the Mile Square City and its many charms. Continue reading

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