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Greg Olear (@gregolear) is a founding editor of The Weeklings and the author of the novels Totally Killer and Fathermucker, an L.A. Times bestseller. He lives in New Paltz, N.Y.

It’s Either Sadness or Euphoria: The 50 Greatest Songs of Billy Joel

In honor of the pop singer’s 65th birthday, Greg Olear expounds on the musical enigma that is Billy Joel, and reveals the 50 greatest Billy Joel songs of all time. (You may be right; he may be crazy). Continue reading

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Crusaders slaughtering Jews in the First Crusade.

A Brief History of Christian Love

As we await the canonization of Pope John Paul II, we look back at what two millennia of Christian love have wrought. Continue reading

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View of the protest from Roman's apartment (those are his shoes).

A Conversation With Our Man in Kiev

Greg Olear interviews his friend, the film producer Roman Kindrachuk–a longtime Kiev resident, whose apartment overlooks Maidan Square–on the situation in Ukraine. Continue reading

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Song Beneath the Song: Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven” as Tarot Card Reading

To explain the lyrics to “Stairway to Heaven,” Greg Olear looks to his Rider-Waite deck. Continue reading

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From Axl to Zappa: The 50 Greatest Musician Names of All Time (Side A)

From Axl to Zappa, and from Classical to Country/Western, the best names in all of music. Continue reading

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The clock is ticking.

A Quinquagenary of Events Important to Baby Boomers, and 14 Other Predictions for 2014

John, Paul, Smaug, and Kanye…and other stuff that will go down in twenty-fourteen. Continue reading

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Miley, on top of the world. (Photo: mileycyrus on Instagram.)

Miley Cyrus is Not Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus is Not in Trouble, Miley Cyrus is Here to Stay

Reports of the pop star’s impending self-destruction have been exaggerated. Continue reading

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