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Jennifer Kabat (@jenkabat) is a writer who lives between London and the sticks, officially Upstate NY. She writes about art, design – and sometimes life in the middle of nowhere. She’s written for her small-circ local paper, New York Magazine, The FT and The Guardian, contributes to Frieze and was once an editor at the legendary style magazine The Face in London.
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Lynne Tillman Will Save Your Life

Over the next two Sundays, we’ll be running pieces by the great Lynne Tillman. This is Jennifer Kabat’s introduction to one of the finest essay writers of our age. Continue reading

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Lady Gaga and a giant crystal all for Marina A.

The Plagiarist is Present: Thoughts on Art, Theft, Shia, Marina and Jay-Z

What do Shia LaBeouf, Marina Abramovic and Jay-Z have in common? Or, Jennifer Kabat asks, when does a copy become a theft? Plus Big Foot and China and abstract painting… Continue reading

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Isa Genzken. Schauspieler (Actors) (detail). 2013. Mannequins, clothes, shoes, fabric, and paper, dimensions variable. Courtesy the artist and Galerie Buchholz, Cologne/Berlin. © Isa Genzken. Photo: Jens Ziehe, Berlin.

I Love New York, Crazy City: The Triumph of Isa Genzken

Tragedy and triumph in New York about New York – Jennifer Kabat on Isa Genzken’s hallucinatory take on the city and the world at MoMA. Continue reading

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Auctioning Off Utopia

From Christie’s to Chandigarh in India, Jennifer Kabat traces the trafficking of chairs as art in Amie Siegel’s film Provenance. Continue reading

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I Sell The Shadow: Civil Wars at the Met

Two Civil War shows at the Met make Jennifer Kabat wonder how the unspeakable nature of war gets translated into art. And what we gain and lose. Continue reading

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Stealing Beauty: Assessing the Collection at the Detroit Institute of Arts

How to assess the value of the Detroit Institute of Arts? The week Christie’s is hired for the job, Jennifer Kabat offers her take on the city’s most valuable asset. Continue reading

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"Mother" detail, glass, bacteria, water, vinegar, Jennifer Sirey 2013, All images courtesy of the artist.

Pretty On The Inside

Jennifer Sirey’s experiments with science and bacteria make some of the most compelling and disturbing art today. Jennifer Kabat considers them and how women push the boundaries of art today. Continue reading

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