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Joe Daly (@JoeD_SanDiego) is a regular contributor to the UK's Metal Hammer, Classic Rock and Bass Guitar Magazine, and he provides commentary, reviews and industry insight to many other outlets in the US and abroad. Joe has contributed to several books and he has won awards for his interviews with icons like Slash, Chuck D. and bands like Motley Crue and Slayer. Joe also digs photography, running and speaking to his dogs in silly voices.

AC/DC: Baby, Please Don’t Go

In the wake of news that AC/DC are on the verge of retirement, Joe Daly insists they must be considered along with the Beatles, the Stones and Zeppelin as one of the greatest bands in history. Continue reading

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Elevator Stories and the Secret of Grooving: The Return of EFG

As psychedelic groove rockers EFG complete work on their new album, Music Editor Joe Daly sits down with drummer Josh Garza to discuss the new material, the secret to rehearsing and whether or not the story of the band’s origin is really true. Continue reading

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Power Trio: Mark Brooks’ Three Smoking Grooves for the Rhythmic Insomniac

To blow off steam, acclaimed director Mark Brooks moonlights as DJ for L.A.’s scorching hot synth pop duo, Night Club. He offers up three of his go-to tracks for turning late night insomnia into a one-man dance party. Continue reading

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Rock and Roll Coffee: The Revenge of Eddie Trunk

Music Editor Joe Daly brings Eddie Trunk back to discuss whether it’s possible to separate Ted Nugent’s politics from his music, which new band is poised to be the next Metallica and whether certain rock legends should consider hanging it up. Continue reading

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Postcards from Stab City: Dirty Diamonds and the Single Powerpoint

How a spunky rock outfit in the west of Ireland responded to their most scathing review of all time, and the brilliant chain of events that followed. Continue reading

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Rock and Roll Coffee: An Interview with Megadeth’s David Ellefson

“Dave Mustaine and I are the only two guys, maybe next to Joey Kramer and Steven Tyler, who wrote books and who are still in the same band together.” -Megadeth bassist David Ellefson on the release of his autobiography, “My Life With Deth” Continue reading

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The Dead Daisies: The Return of the Supergroup

“Nirvana were massively influential, but after [Kurt Cobain] popped himself, I kind of had more respect for him, actually…if you really hate what you’re doing, then why are you doing it?” -Dead Daisies vocalist Jon Stevens Continue reading

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Rock and Roll Coffee: A Conversation with Dave Wyndorf of Monster Magnet

“The bands that I like, they got to play with the Stooges and Hawkwind, I get to play with fucking Pearl Jam! That’s not cool.” Continue reading

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Love Letters from a Groupie: A Conversation with Pamela Des Barres

Wherein we sit down with Pamela Des Barres, bestselling author and rock and roll’s most famous groupie, to talk about her books, her loves and the fallout from sleeping with Mick Jagger. Continue reading

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