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The Cliffs: An Essay, A Fiction, A Zombie Fusion

YA zombies with multiple-choice, Eric LeMay’s The Cliffs takes you through a post-apocalyptic landscape with a hybrid fiction/essay running over the next two weeks. Continue reading

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Yours, Mine

In which the identity of Gabriel Mason is stolen, perhaps by Gabriel Masón. Continue reading

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What We Talk About When We Talk About Sex (In Fiction)

Writing about sex is like engaging in sex: it’s hard. Except when it’s not hard enough. Continue reading

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Poor Pretty Thing

Gabriel Mason finds inspiration in the unlikeliest of places: a writers’ conference. Continue reading

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Six months in the city, six months in the country, Sarah Orne Jewett figured out the writer's life.

Branding: It Burns – Being an explanation of why for novelists the notion of branding is fraught with peril

Nicola Griffith on the perils of the world of modern publishing, from Twitter to Platforms and back, via the 7th Century. Or how to think like an executive about writing novels… Continue reading

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Vlad III Draculea, the Wallachian prince on whom Stoker's vampire was reportedly based.

Understanding “Dracula”

Vampire stories, while timeless, are really only as narratively rich as the world they emerge from and thematically draw on. Continue reading

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IKB 191, aka International Klein Blue, a painting of Yves Klein's made with his patented color which was IKB was developed by him and chemists at pharma co Rhône Poulenc.

Getting the Blues – Sex, Words and the Hues

How William H Gass’s take on the shade of blue, gives Tessa Laird the Blues – while examining sex, writing and the power of the color itself. Continue reading

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Monday Rock City: A Conversation with Joe Perry of Aerosmith

Intrepid scribe J.M. Blaine chats with rock icon Joe Perry, lead guitarist and co-mastermind – with Steven Tyler – of Aerosmith, and it’s a helluva ride. Perry’s long-awaited memoir “Rocks: My Life In and Out of Aerosmith” drops this week, and the soulful brooder gives us all a sneak peek at his amazing, drug-addled, miraculous, and glitzy tale, which also includes advice on how to stay married for three decades, which may be his most amazing achievement of all. Continue reading

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Joanna Walsh. #ReadWomen.

Literary Luminaries: Beards, Vaginas and the Avant-Garde Novelist – Part II

In Part II of her two-part essay, Sam Mills ponders why female avant-garde novelists are not as celebrated as their male counterparts. Continue reading

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