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Bigger Than Jesus: The Gospel of U2, Leonard Cohen, and Sufjan Stevens

Robert Burke Warren goes deep into his own story to talk about the persistence of God in pop, and how and why non-believers and doubting Thomases still go for it. Continue reading

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Dare To Be Stupid: Comedy Songs, The Best and the Rest

The ability to make people laugh is even rarer than the ability to make beautiful music. The combination of both, executed well, is cause for celebration. Amanda Nazario gives props to parody progenitors Stan Freberg, Allan Sherman, Tom Lehrer, et al, and the 21st century’s own master of making fun, “Weird Al” Yankovic, still riding high after debuting at number one last year. Continue reading

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He who magnetized the gaze, in The Adventures of Robin Hood, 1938


Falling in love with a dead man, raising a son, losing a lover… Melissa Holbrook Pierson watches TV with Robin Hood. Continue reading

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How to Make Friends With Your Mannequin

Maybe I was lonely. I thought it would be fun to get a mannequin and dress him up in overalls and take pictures of us working together outside. That was the first idea—some sort of amusing male-bonding photo essay. We … Continue reading

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Katrina and Jordan

The Sun’s Own Room

Jordan Rosenfeld’s dad was a dealer. Selling pot in amounts that could have put him in federal prison. The money bought designer clothes, cars – and decades of uncertainty. Continue reading

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An illness by any other name will still mess you up

Litsa Dremousis with the single best offer on the Internet. Continue reading

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A Song Shall Lead (and Annoy) Them: “Let It Go” from Frozen

“Let It Go” crystallizes something intense and very real but otherwise formless, and little kids, who, bless them, do not know from “cool,” love it more than any other song, ever. Even boys. For the first time in history, boys do not categorically run from a Disney princess. They are drawn to Elsa. I am fortunate to bear witness to all of this, and so are you. At the risk of overstating it, it feels historic. Continue reading

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Formerly Edna’s: My House in the Country

When Teresa Giordano bought a country house in the Catskills, she got a lot more than she bargained for. On the everpresent connection between one home and its past, especially on windy nights. Continue reading

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The Dusty Tail, or We Were In Boise

When Timothy Braun’s beloved travel companion Dusty had a bump on his tail, the news was shattering. A story of the hand-drawn stars aligning on the walls of a plastic Elizabethan collar. Continue reading

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