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Reading Malcolm X in Texas

What can hold you through the hate? Khirad Siddiqui on embracing hijab and Malcolm X and finding a new world in our world. Continue reading

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Playing the Donald Trump Game

I noticed a phenomenon during this election. Vulnerable, marginalized people supporting Donald Trump—or at least claiming publicly to support Donald Trump. Continue reading

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Home States

What happens when your absentee vote is not enough to prevent the worst-case scenario? What happens if you try to return home? Continue reading

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The Portrait-Sitter: Poverty, Intimacy, Paint, & Naples

In an excerpt from his memoir-in-progress, Cooking the Octopus, writer John Domini tells of a sweltering Naples afternoon spent as a painter’s subject. Continue reading

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July, 2016

Dogs, dads and girls bearing cannolis. Joe will never forget July, 2016. Continue reading

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Clementine, Aloft

Kindles, TED talks, yoga shreds, and memes: in the end, maybe there is no real accounting for time. Continue reading

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Deaths of Distant Friends (or, John Updike Fucking Rocks)

Kurt Baumeister and John Updike met once upon a time. The event probably wasn’t memorable for Updike, but it was for Baumeister. Continue reading

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What the Tumor Left Behind

Litsa Dremousis explores if unfettered optimism in the face of a few mutated cells is what ultimately ended her relationship. Continue reading

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How Sad the Exodus: Teaching Men’s Creative Writing in a County Jail

Shannon Sankey reflects on her teaching experiences at a county jail. Continue reading

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