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alma joga eidus

Learning Her Own Way

Janice Eidus on the trials and triumphs of educating her daughter. Continue reading

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Shawn is my Shepherd

Guide dog trainer Steve Neumann discusses his connection with his dog Shawn, and the surprisingly human nature of German Shepherds. Continue reading

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Poor Pretty Thing

Gabriel Mason finds inspiration in the unlikeliest of places: a writers’ conference. Continue reading

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more apple

The Island of Apples

Lawrence Benner locates his long lost daughter, and discovers that she is not a pixie living in a thorn bush. Continue reading

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Monday Rock City: A Conversation with Scott Ian of Anthrax

Anthrax frontman and rock memoirist Scott Ian is definitely The Man, and he’s got The Stories. In advance of his rock and roll tell-all, still-going-strong Scott opens up to our own J.M. Blaine about time spent with Run DMC, Metallica, Public Enemy, and KISS, among others. Continue reading

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The Problem with the Homeless Problem

It’s easy to believe that people like this exist for our sakes, dying lessons on how not to live. We don’t allow ourselves to entertain the idea that these people have histories; these shadows and signposts don’t happen to serve a purpose for anyone else, they were once actual people themselves. Continue reading

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50 Rock & Roll Songs That Increased My Word Power

Weeklings music editor Robert Burke Warren gets revved up like a deuce and reveals how time you spend “wasting” – i.e. listening to rock and roll – is not wasted time. Not at all. Readers Digest would be proud. Increase your own word power! Bismillah! Continue reading

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Dark Omens

Natural-born occultist Helena Baptiste recalls her brushes with the Dark Arts. Continue reading

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Away With Dusty, or Room 2: The Story Suite

In the last leg of Timothy Braun’s road trip with his dog Dusty, the pair cross the Rocky Mountains, meet a rock star in yuppified Boulder, choose love over ghosts and celebrate with a bone-shaped cake. Also starring Spider-Man, Haruki Murakami, Thurston Moore, and a horse named Katy. Continue reading

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