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Murphy’s Laws: 46 Infallible Observations on the Occasion of Turning 46

After 46 spins around the sun, you probably haven’t had an especially worthwhile time if you don’t have some opinions you’re willing to stand by. Continue reading

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On Devotion: Cultivating a Creative Life

How does devotion apply to writing, and how does one cultivate a practice out of purposeful repetition? Continue reading

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Fender Jazz

I had only recently discovered the glories of a naked body entwined with mine and, like every sex neophyte since time began, I had figured nothing would ever compare. I was wrong. Continue reading

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Mourning Becomes Leonora: For a German Shepherd

She is my walk through Brooklyn, my arm toss in the park, my sit on the stoop, my weekend up in the country, my never alone, my not going to die for such a long time it feels like forever, my Lee. Continue reading

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Prince, Todd, RuPaul, & Me

Prince and I did not get off, so to speak, on the good foot. While he would ultimately influence me – both personally and musically – as much as Bowie or the Beatles (my Trinity), his presence initially challenged the most important friendship of my life. Then, it cemented that friendship, and led to funk n’ roll adventures alongside a superstar-in-exile named RuPaul. Continue reading

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Talking Trees

What can a series of ancient trees, stripped bare before their spring flowering disguises them, tell us about themselves — and ourselves? Continue reading

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Dirt Cookies: The Less-Than-Sexy Side of Conflict Reporting

Conflict journalist Carmen Gentile gives an irreverent look at “war-zoney” reporting in Afghanistan. Continue reading

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How I Became Pretentious

Why should you and I should be more pretentious? In his soon-to-be released book-length essay, PRETENTIOUSNESS: WHY IT MATTERS (see raves here in the Economist, the Guardian, the Spectator and even Vice), Dan Fox defends it beautifully. “Pretension is permission … Continue reading

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Welcome Thieves: An Appreciation

Our own Robert Burke Warren waxes on about Sean Beaudoin’s stellar, rockin’ Welcome Thieves. Continue reading

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