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Cleaning Other People’s Houses

Cleaning houses was never what Judy Juanita was raised to do. That was for mothers, aunts, grandmothers… not her. Not a college-educated black woman. Continue reading

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All images from photo essay "14 Powerful Photos Show A Side To Afghan Women Americans Don't Usually See." On Tumblr  site "Oppressed Brown Women Doing Things."

‘All the Foreign Ladies’: The Case Against Saving Global Women and Girls

Why is it we think women in Afghanistan or Iraq or anywhere they might wear a veil need saving? Sayantani DasGupta looks at the irony in saving women with bombs and drones. Continue reading

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Music For Maniacs

Patrick Wensink explores how the obscure, scuzzy garage rockers, Coachwhips, became the perfect band for George W. Bush’s 2003 Continue reading

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The Adventures of a Curmudgeon in Healthcare

CALL ME ENGLISH but—, methinks ‘tis the season of the anarchist curmudgeon. Curmudgeon – (somebody who is irritable or stubborn) I know, I know. I am a US Citizen now, but remember the judge did say to bring my ideas … Continue reading

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Jan Brewer vetoes SB1062

The Solution to Gay Panic

Tom Gualtieri wonders what to do about Arizona’s “gay panic,” and gets an answer from RuPaul. Continue reading

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danbert and Son of

On becoming a US citizen: or how the constitution didn’t quite anticipate punk rock.

Danbert Nobacon is now officially more American than you. Continue reading

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Mary Fields, aka Stagecoach Mary, the first African American woman (and the second ever woman) to work for the US Post Office

The Gun as Ultimate Performance Poem

In the wake of Trayvon Martin, Judy Juanita looks at the gun’s dark power and role in the African American community from the Panthers to the present. Continue reading

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