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Violence in Ferguson, Violence in the System

Jarret Middleton deconstructs the Ferguson grand jury decision and the deeper meaning of the killing of Michael Brown. Continue reading

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The Politics of Ebola Porn*: Africa, Race, and the Titillation of Horror

Sayantani DasGupta puts the politics of Ebola under a microscope and finds an American horror story. Continue reading

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The Problem with the Homeless Problem

It’s easy to believe that people like this exist for our sakes, dying lessons on how not to live. We don’t allow ourselves to entertain the idea that these people have histories; these shadows and signposts don’t happen to serve a purpose for anyone else, they were once actual people themselves. Continue reading

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Newsfail: An Interview with Citizen Radio’s Allison Kilkenny and Jamie Kilstein

The founders of Citizen Radio chat with Greg Olear about their new book, #NEWSFAIL. Continue reading

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The Power of Political Narrative: Part Two, The Dems

While today’s Republican Party has the cowardice of its convictions, the feckless Dems are experts at stepping on their own…message. It may, sadly, be too late for the mid-terms, but can they get on the right side of a true narrative, and history, before 2016? Continue reading

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Peace Is Patriotic, But War Stirs the Blood

Tracing the paths of glory: Boys, Guns, and the Fascination with War Continue reading

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The Power of Political Narrative: Part One, The GOP

We know the Democrats consistently drown in a river of good intentions. Why are the Republicans so successful staying on script? They keep it simple, stupid. This is how the Reagan Revolution happened, why it endures, and why it matters today as much as ever. Continue reading

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rum-running in detroit

The Green, the Black and the High

Toby Barlow’s modest proposal for the new economy – the new drug economy – when countless African Americans are in jail for just what’s being legalized. Continue reading

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Joanna Walsh. #ReadWomen.

Literary Luminaries: Beards, Vaginas and the Avant-Garde Novelist – Part II

In Part II of her two-part essay, Sam Mills ponders why female avant-garde novelists are not as celebrated as their male counterparts. Continue reading

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