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Looking Back at the Abyss: Reflections on Binge-Watching “Hannibal”

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen The Silence of the Lambs, the film that earned Hannibal Lecter his place in pop culture. I saw it in the theater once then at home perhaps a dozen times with … Continue reading

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Outlier Aphrodisiacs & Fear of Loss: On Writing Perfectly Broken

Robert Burke Warren on going from acclaimed children’s entertainer Uncle Rock to novelist wrestling with how best to render the erotic realities of adulthood.

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The American Scream #3: The Heroes We Need

Truth, justice, and, unfortunately, the American Way.

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Turning 30 With Danny Tanner: Life Lessons Learned From ‘Full House’

An essay on turning 30, Full House (and Fuller House), and the fiction of real life in sitcoms.

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Man in the High Castle: Better the Tyrant You Know

An essay on The Man in the High Castle and America’s fear of the foreign.

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The Hippie Angel

Robert Burke Warren’s Yuletide of death, porn, and a hippie angel.

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My Rock & Roll Paris

I was in the land where the creators are revered; Paris greets artists with an affection so strong it gives an energy boost, life force, enabling one to go back to the blank space with faith, with no fear. And indeed, I was not afraid. I was the opposite of afraid.

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So Good It Hurts: On Choosing Music for “Revenge of the Mekons”

The director of the critically acclaimed documentary “Revenge of the Mekons” gives a rare inside look at the painstaking task of choosing songs for a music documentary.

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End of Summer (Camp) with a Bat, a Cat and a Clown

A super-sized sampling of Adam West, Cesar Romero and (especially) Julie Newmar is precisely what our ailing world needs right about now.

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