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Deaths of Distant Friends (or, John Updike Fucking Rocks)

Kurt Baumeister and John Updike met once upon a time. The event probably wasn’t memorable for Updike, but it was for Baumeister. Continue reading

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Twenty-five Women I Fell in Love With Before I Was Twenty-five

A random and possibly embarrassing list of crushes, inane longings, smoldering gazes, and youthful inamoratas. “Deep down, all we really want is to be righteously hated by a woman not even deigning to put effort into her pretense of love.”

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We Might Be Heroes (or, Don’t Bother Me, I’m Coloring This Wicked Sweet Dragon)

In his Weeklings debut Scott Waldyn asks the musical question, “What’s adulting anyway?”

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With The Ringer and “Any Given Wednesday,” Bill Simmons Jumps the Shark

Two media launches, two failures. It’s like Mookie Wilson hit not one but TWO ground balls to first base, and Bill Buckner botched them both.

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Beyond Good and Evil

Give evil a chance. We can’t do any worse, can we?

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Sideshow Donald: Trump’s Campaign is Right Out of “The Simpsons”

Let’s hope Hillary is a better candidate than Joe Quimby.

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Fender Jazz

I had only recently discovered the glories of a naked body entwined with mine and, like every sex neophyte since time began, I had figured nothing would ever compare. I was wrong.

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Looking Back at the Abyss: Reflections on Binge-Watching “Hannibal”

Binge-watching Hannibal gets to be a pretty harrowing affair. Hear why.

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Outlier Aphrodisiacs & Fear of Loss: On Writing Perfectly Broken

Robert Burke Warren on going from acclaimed children’s entertainer Uncle Rock to novelist wrestling with how best to render the erotic realities of adulthood.

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