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Elvis Presley’s Shining Moment: the ’68 Comeback Special

Although most folks don’t know it, Black Leather Elvis was the best Elvis, and Robert Burke Warren explains why. Black Leather Elvis, who rose briefly in 1968 before drugs and despair ruined him, will steal your rock and roll heart. Continue reading

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Some That You Recognize, Some That You’ve Hardly Even Heard Of

James D. Irwin on the strange parallels of Veronica Lake, Preston Sturges, and reclusive Simpsons writer John Swartzwelder. Continue reading

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Catching Us at a Bad Time

Nathaniel Missildine tries to see through the fog of his daughter’s indecipherable texts, chaotic world events, and whatever might be up ahead. Continue reading

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Star Wars Holiday Special

The Flaw In the Force: The Star Wars Holiday Special

George Lucas tried his best to keep 1978’s Star Wars Holiday Special from ever being seen, but the Internet has bested him. Robert Burke Warren gives a kind overview to this perceived blight on Lucas’ legacy, and suggests you do the same. After all, it’s Christmas! (And/or Life Day.) Continue reading

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Peace Is Patriotic, But War Stirs the Blood

Tracing the paths of glory: Boys, Guns, and the Fascination with War Continue reading

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Monday Rock City: A Conversation with Joe Perry of Aerosmith

Intrepid scribe J.M. Blaine chats with rock icon Joe Perry, lead guitarist and co-mastermind – with Steven Tyler – of Aerosmith, and it’s a helluva ride. Perry’s long-awaited memoir “Rocks: My Life In and Out of Aerosmith” drops this week, and the soulful brooder gives us all a sneak peek at his amazing, drug-addled, miraculous, and glitzy tale, which also includes advice on how to stay married for three decades, which may be his most amazing achievement of all. Continue reading

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The 12 People You Meet at a Babymetal Concert

Japanese pop metal threesome Babymetal must be seen and heard to be believed. Last year, they took the world by storm, with single and viral video “Gimme Chocolate!!” and just recently completed their first whirlwind world tour, which included opening slots for Lady GaGa. Veteran So-Cal punk author Jim Ruland talked his indulgent wife into attending Babymetal’s first U.S. show, which was full of surprises. Continue reading

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I Am Not Pocahontas

Elissa Washuta discusses her American Indian heritage, blood quantum, and the curse of Hollywood depictions. Continue reading

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Razor Sadness, Wizened Eyes: Nirvana Unplugged, 20 Years On

Nirvana’s legendary last recorded performance, 1994’s MTV Unplugged In New York, was too painful for the Weeklings’ Robert Burke Warren to watch. Until now. Continue reading

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