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In Defense of Disco

Disco does not suck. At least, as a genre it doesn’t suck, any more than rock n’ roll sucks, or jazz, or hip hop. Certainly, some of it, subjectively speaking, is awful. (I submit: the exquisitely bad “Disco Duck.” But … Continue reading

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Star Wars Holiday Special

The Flaw In the Force: The Star Wars Holiday Special

George Lucas tried his best to keep 1978’s Star Wars Holiday Special from ever being seen, but the Internet has bested him. Robert Burke Warren gives a kind overview to this perceived blight on Lucas’ legacy, and suggests you do the same. After all, it’s Christmas! (And/or Life Day.) Continue reading

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The Crystal Ball. John William Waterhouse 1902.

Project Ex: Why I Talk About The Extraordinary and Why I Want You To Do the Same

Bona fide High Frequency Responder Suzanne Clores talks about the extraordinary experiences that bind us all. An extraordinary experience can stop your breathing, advance your heart rate, raise your temperature and even trigger the vagus nerve, leaving you in a heap, she says. And it’s high time we gave the ole amygdala some credit and embraced the weird. Cause really, it’s not so weird at all. It may just be science. Continue reading

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Photo courtesy of United Artists

Who Would Jesus Shoe? – Child Evangelism in Public Schools

“We have a biblical obligation and the constitutional right to share the message of Jesus.” Lawrence Benner explores the activities of religious groups in the local elementary. Continue reading

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Crusaders slaughtering Jews in the First Crusade.

A Brief History of Christian Love

As we await the canonization of Pope John Paul II, we look back at what two millennia of Christian love have wrought. Continue reading

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Jan Brewer vetoes SB1062

The Solution to Gay Panic

Tom Gualtieri wonders what to do about Arizona’s “gay panic,” and gets an answer from RuPaul. Continue reading

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Not quite the alien-potato but the Mayan Oreo, image by Flickr user ArtJonak, published under Creative Commons.

Looking Back At The End Of The World

The end of days one year on after Erich Kuersten talked himself into believing the Mayan Calendar and Mitt Romney promised a rapture. Of sorts. Continue reading

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Bethany and Daido

Some Personal Reflections on the Most Recent Zen Teacher Sex Scandal

Sex scandals rock religious communities far beyond Roman Catholic. Bethany Saltman looks at the fallout in Zen communities. Continue reading

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Happy New Apocalypse!

It’s the end of the world as we know it. Again. Continue reading

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