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Fender Jazz

I had only recently discovered the glories of a naked body entwined with mine and, like every sex neophyte since time began, I had figured nothing would ever compare. I was wrong. Continue reading

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Prince, Todd, RuPaul, & Me

Prince and I did not get off, so to speak, on the good foot. While he would ultimately influence me – both personally and musically – as much as Bowie or the Beatles (my Trinity), his presence initially challenged the most important friendship of my life. Then, it cemented that friendship, and led to funk n’ roll adventures alongside a superstar-in-exile named RuPaul.

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Outlier Aphrodisiacs & Fear of Loss: On Writing Perfectly Broken

Robert Burke Warren on going from acclaimed children’s entertainer Uncle Rock to novelist wrestling with how best to render the erotic realities of adulthood.

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The Sinister History of U-Shaped Toilet Seats

Bathroom fixtures, magical thinking, and cultural complicity.

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The Hippie Angel

Robert Burke Warren’s Yuletide of death, porn, and a hippie angel.

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Hasten Down the Wind: Adventures in Babysitting, 1977

What to do when you’re 12 and a mysterious, beautiful, troubled woman moves in next door with her four-year-old? You babysit, of course! RBW offers some more summertime musical memoir.

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The Song Of Sloth

Maybe The Sleepytime Bear is actually some sort of REM sleep vampire who feeds on the delta brainwaves of insomniacs, keeping them asleep long enough to feed, while their life force slowly ebbs away. On the astral plane, he flies out in darkness on great bat-like wings, scouring the countryside, the valleys and thoroughfares of the night echoing with his bloodthirsty cries.

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In Defense of Disco

At its height, the “Disco Sucks” movement drew fifty-nine thousand people to a Chicago stadium to watch a shock jock explode LPs, inciting a full-on riot of mostly white dudes. WTF? Our Robert Burke Warren, who became enamored of disco in the lusty confines of a Catholic school broom closet, writes about the music that arrived at the same time as his teens, and how it inspired him.

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What We Talk About When We Talk About Sex (In Fiction)

Writing about sex is like engaging in sex: it’s hard. Except when it’s not hard enough.

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