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A Song Shall Lead (and Annoy) Them: “Let It Go” from Frozen

“Let It Go” crystallizes something intense and very real but otherwise formless, and little kids, who, bless them, do not know from “cool,” love it more than any other song, ever. Even boys. For the first time in history, boys do not categorically run from a Disney princess. They are drawn to Elsa. I am fortunate to bear witness to all of this, and so are you. At the risk of overstating it, it feels historic. Continue reading

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My Night with Nico

What does one do when Fellini movie star, Warhol icon, former bedmate of Jim Morrison, Iggy Pop, and Jackson Browne, and frontwoman of The Velvet Underground leaves the methadone clinic and walks in to your waitressing gig? Holly George-Warren, eminent rock scribe and esteemed guest at The Weeklings, was still slinging hash when she crossed paths with the chanteuse/muse in late seventies Manhattan, but she did not let the opportunity pass her by. Continue reading

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Take A Sad Song and Make It Better

Though it seems long ago and far away, high summer in the post-Watergate Deep South did, in fact, exist. The Beatles were six years gone, but still potent enough to change the lives of kids and adults alike, almost as potent as a stoned girl answering her door clad only in a sheet. memoir from our own Robert Burke Warren. Continue reading

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scandal promo

An Incomplete List of Things on #SCANDAL that are Too Impossible to Believe (and Why I’ll Watch it Anyway)

SCANDAL returns! Greg Olear on white hats, Vermont jam, B-613, and all the rest of the nonsense. Continue reading

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Tascam Porta 05

Lo Fi Luv

Sometimes songs shine brightest under less-than-ideal sonic conditions. i.e. LO FI. Why is that? Robert Burke Warren has a few ideas, and some lo fi fare to share. No extra charge for authentic tape hiss. Continue reading

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little thumb

Exhibitionism Masquerading as Depth

Many are unaware of the restorative power of running with a pack of imaginary wolves. Continue reading

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Elvis Presley’s Shining Moment: the ’68 Comeback Special

Although most folks don’t know it, Black Leather Elvis was the best Elvis, and Robert Burke Warren explains why. Black Leather Elvis, who rose briefly in 1968 before drugs and despair ruined him, will steal your rock and roll heart. Continue reading

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Star Wars Holiday Special

The Flaw In the Force: The Star Wars Holiday Special

George Lucas tried his best to keep 1978’s Star Wars Holiday Special from ever being seen, but the Internet has bested him. Robert Burke Warren gives a kind overview to this perceived blight on Lucas’ legacy, and suggests you do the same. After all, it’s Christmas! (And/or Life Day.) Continue reading

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Photo by Miguel Vallinas

You Are Not a Hopeless Case: A Million Easy Steps to a Beautiful You

A pretty face opens doors but will never fully win the so-called race against time. Janet Steen writes on self-criticism, scrutiny, and letting time do its thing. Continue reading

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