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Star Wars Holiday Special

The Flaw In the Force: The Star Wars Holiday Special

George Lucas tried his best to keep 1978’s Star Wars Holiday Special from ever being seen, but the Internet has bested him. Robert Burke Warren gives a kind overview to this perceived blight on Lucas’ legacy, and suggests you do the same. After all, it’s Christmas! (And/or Life Day.) Continue reading

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Photo by Miguel Vallinas

You Are Not a Hopeless Case: A Million Easy Steps to a Beautiful You

A pretty face opens doors but will never fully win the so-called race against time. Janet Steen writes on self-criticism, scrutiny, and letting time do its thing. Continue reading

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Joel and the Giant Algorithm

Now the literary gatekeeper is a few thousand lines of code. Continue reading

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50 Rock & Roll Songs That Increased My Word Power

Weeklings music editor Robert Burke Warren gets revved up like a deuce and reveals how time you spend “wasting” – i.e. listening to rock and roll – is not wasted time. Not at all. Readers Digest would be proud. Increase your own word power! Bismillah! Continue reading

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Monday Rock City: A Conversation with Jimmy Wayne — Good Things Coming from Hard Times

Abandoned by his jailbird mama in a Greyhound bus station at age 13, singer-songwriter Jimmy Wayne seemed destined for destitution and an early grave. But through the kindness of strangers – “God sends strange angels,” he says – Wayne rose to become a hit songwriter, author, and advocate for the homeless. J.M. Blaine gets some down-home philosophy from Wayne, plus tidbits about Ozzy, the Nashville song mill, and Daryl Hall’s indoor pool. Continue reading

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IKB 191, aka International Klein Blue, a painting of Yves Klein's made with his patented color which was IKB was developed by him and chemists at pharma co Rhône Poulenc.

Getting the Blues – Sex, Words and the Hues

How William H Gass’s take on the shade of blue, gives Tessa Laird the Blues – while examining sex, writing and the power of the color itself. Continue reading

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The 12 People You Meet at a Babymetal Concert

Japanese pop metal threesome Babymetal must be seen and heard to be believed. Last year, they took the world by storm, with single and viral video “Gimme Chocolate!!” and just recently completed their first whirlwind world tour, which included opening slots for Lady GaGa. Veteran So-Cal punk author Jim Ruland talked his indulgent wife into attending Babymetal’s first U.S. show, which was full of surprises. Continue reading

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Razor Sadness, Wizened Eyes: Nirvana Unplugged, 20 Years On

Nirvana’s legendary last recorded performance, 1994’s MTV Unplugged In New York, was too painful for the Weeklings’ Robert Burke Warren to watch. Until now. Continue reading

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The Road to Exile: Biographer Robert Greenfield on Life with The Stones in the Early Seventies

In 1971, the Greatest Rock and Roll Band in the World was bulletproof, and biographer Robert Greenfield was there, reporting well and truly on the continued rise of the decadent, determined, devilish Rolling Stones. Our own J.M. Blaine chats with Greenfield about his never-boring third installment of Rolling Stones reminiscences and interviews, “Ain’t It Time We Said Goodbye.” Continue reading

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