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Deities These Days

Jon Methven on the new holiday gods. Continue reading

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Catching Us at a Bad Time

Nathaniel Missildine tries to see through the fog of his daughter’s indecipherable texts, chaotic world events, and whatever might be up ahead. Continue reading

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De Facto Feminism, Or More Power to the Candy Lady

De Facto feminists, black women fighting/finding contingency, building bridges, breaking bread, all in a country that counts them out. Judy Juanita tallies up all the ways feminism finds its way. Continue reading

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Here’s to Pearl Harbor Day

Paul Zolbrod was nine years old when Pearl Harbor was attacked on December 7, 1941. Here are his reflections. Continue reading

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alma joga eidus

Learning Her Own Way

Janice Eidus on the trials and triumphs of educating her daughter. Continue reading

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Photo by Miguel Vallinas

You Are Not a Hopeless Case: A Million Easy Steps to a Beautiful You

A pretty face opens doors but will never fully win the so-called race against time. Janet Steen writes on self-criticism, scrutiny, and letting time do its thing. Continue reading

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50 Rock & Roll Songs That Increased My Word Power

Weeklings music editor Robert Burke Warren gets revved up like a deuce and reveals how time you spend “wasting” – i.e. listening to rock and roll – is not wasted time. Not at all. Readers Digest would be proud. Increase your own word power! Bismillah! Continue reading

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Sunday Light and Word – Epigram of the Last Hundred Years

“Searching the angles of chance” Continue reading

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The Crystal Ball. John William Waterhouse 1902.

Project Ex: Why I Talk About The Extraordinary and Why I Want You To Do the Same

Bona fide High Frequency Responder Suzanne Clores talks about the extraordinary experiences that bind us all. An extraordinary experience can stop your breathing, advance your heart rate, raise your temperature and even trigger the vagus nerve, leaving you in a heap, she says. And it’s high time we gave the ole amygdala some credit and embraced the weird. Cause really, it’s not so weird at all. It may just be science. Continue reading

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