How to Get Rid of Donald Trump: An Action Plan

THE ASCENSION of Donald Trump to the presidency could have devastating effects: on the economy, on civil rights, on the environment, on foreign relations, on—and this is not hyperbole, given his blase attitude towards nuclear missiles—life as we know it.

We need him to not be president, period; or, if president, to remove him from office as soon as possible, whether through impeachment or resignation. That is the prime directive.

Here’s how:

I: Don’t Feed the Trolls—Even the Famous Ones

Friday night, Vice President-Elect [sic] and gay reparation therapy poster boy Mike Pence went to see the hit Broadway musical Hamilton. When it became evident that he was in attendance, members of the crowd greeted him with lusty boos. At the end of the performance, cast member Brandon Victor Dixon addressed the Indiana governor, saying, “We sir, we, are the diverse America who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us — our planet, our children, our parents — or defend us and uphold our inalienable rights, sir. But we truly hope that this show has inspired you to uphold our American values and to work on behalf of all of us. All of us.”

That led President-Elect [sic] and inveterate shit-stirrer Donald J. Trump to tweet: “Our wonderful future V.P. Mike Pence was harassed last night at the theater by the cast of Hamilton, cameras blazing. This should not happen!” and then, “The Theater must always be a safe and special place. The cast of Hamilton was very rude last night to a very good man, Mike Pence. Apologize!”

Twitter went haywire. Trump supporters, taking the notorious liar’s version of what happened at face value, started the #boycottHamilton hashtag, which is still trending as of this writing. Anyone who actually watched the clips and saw what happened were rightly infuriated by Trump’s tweets. First, the cast of the show harassed no one, nor was rude, but rather generous and respectful; it was the audience who booed. Second, here is a recidivist sexual predator, in whose name swastikas are being spray-painted hither and nigh, unironically calling for safe spaces and apologies for rudeness! If you are a reasonable person, one invested in truth and justice and the American way, this tweaks your sense of right and wrong.

But here’s the thing: Donald Trump is a defective human being. He has always been thus. Now that he has been elected president, he’s not going to suddenly, at the age of seventy, become something he’s not. Donald Trump is nothing more than a wealthy internet troll. Again: HE IS AN INTERNET TROLL. He tweets stuff he knows will push people’s buttons, and then sits back and delights in the shit he’s stirred up. That’s what trolls do. Which is why you don’t feed the trolls. Ever. Even—nay, especially—if they are going to be the President of the United States of America.

So Step One is, stop taking the bait. Right now, the brouhaha with Hamilton is on the front page of major newspapers, instead of the fraud trial he just settled for $25 million (Did he cut the check yet? Will he? Can we please see photographic evidence of same, and proof that it didn’t bounce?). This is a problem, and will remain a problem as long as we keep being outraged by every incendiary thing he says. Because the press will cover the “controversy” about some idiotic tweet (Hamilton) rather than an actual important story (Trump U. fraud). This pattern repeated itself throughout the campaign, helping Trump drive the narrative by redirection. It MUST cease.

Stop feeding President Troll. Just stop. Ignore his tweets. Ignore his I-can’t-believe-he-just-said-that’s. We knew he was a racist, sexist, cruel, mean, selfish, unscrupulous sexual predator before he elected him. We knew it, and people voted for him regardless. Shame on them, but that phase is over. Trump and his ardent disciples do not care about any of this. To the contrary, they, like him, delight in seeing us get upset. So stop!



II. Scream bloody murder about conflicts of interest

His fame, his wealth, and his outsized personality are compelling, and drove ratings for cable news outfits across the political divide, all of which enjoyed banner years in 2016. (Sidenote: please stop watching cable news). Enough. Donald Trump needs to be covered in the media in the same way a non-celebrity would. The only way that will happen is if we, the consumers of said media, demand it. Which means we need to focus not on the mean tweets, the laughably horrible cabinet appointments, or even the hate crimes perpetrated in his name. (Too, we need to stop talking about why Hillary “lost,” how Bernie would have done better, how Jill Stein voters are to blame for the result…and we need never speak again about Democrats failing the white working class). We need to accept that bad stuff will continue to happen until Trump is removed, and then turn our undivided attention on what will remove him: his unprecedented conflicts of interest.

In short, his many business dealings put him in a position where he cannot act solely on behalf of “we the people.” Here’s an example: Trump carries extensive debt that he owes to the Bank of China. The Bank of China is owned by the government of China. How on earth can he negotiate anything with the Chinese, when he owes them so much money? That we don’t know exactly how much money he owes, because he stillhasn’t released his tax returns, remains a problem.

To cite a more recent, and probably more egregious, example: Trump apparently held an event for foreign diplomats at his new hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue last week. At this event, he encouraged them to rent rooms there. Do you see how that’s a yuuuuge conflict of interest? How he’s using his public office to enrich himself? It also happens to be a violation of the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution, which prohibits the acceptance of gifts from foreign government officials. Unless he sells or gives away the hotel—which he leases from the federal government, another ethical problem—before January 20, he could be impeached the minute he’s sworn in. (Read more about this on Judd Legum’s helpful tweet-string).

The opinion page of the Wall Street Journal, no bastion of liberality, urges Trump to liquidate his assets for just this reason: if he does not, liberals will be able to attack him for it for the entire time he’s president. Because on almost every issue of import, he has a conflict of interest. And this advice was written by folks who support him!

So: from now until January 20, block out the noise. All we should be talking about is the conflicts of interest he’s exposed to by not liquidating his financial empire. That’s all. Everyone in the country needs to understand a) that Trump is in an ethically untenable position, b) why it’s bad for the country that he has so many conflicts of interest, especially with respect to China and Russia, and c) that he needs to liquidate all his assets before he places his short fingers on the Bible on January 20.

Write your representatives and your senators. Write letters to the editor of your local paper. Post about it incessantly on social media. Get the word out!

This must be the narrative for all of December and January, or we’re toast. It has to be put in the starkest, simplest of terms, and it has to have legs. To live at 1600 Pennsylvania, Donald Trump must sell the hotel down the street…and everything else he owns, the real estate holdings, the golf courses, every last divot. (The idea of a blind trust run by his kids is ethically unacceptable, a non-starter).

Basically, we need to make Trump decide which he wants to keep: his business empire or the presidency. If you believe he’ll choose the latter over the former, I have some lovely property in Atlantic City to sell you.

“But then we have Pence,” you might say. True. The thing is…


III. Without question, Mike Pence is preferable to Trump.

Yes, Pence is odious. He’s a religious nut-job who hates—hates—gay people. He would be a terrible president.

However, Pence, unlike Trump, is an actual politician with executive experience. He has a baseline competency for the job that Trump lacks (read: he probably won’t start a nuclear war over a mean tweet).

More importantly, Trump’s popularity stems from his personality, around which he has established a cult (or a klan, if you will). No one’s going to swear allegiance to Mike Pence. If Trump resigns or is impeached, Pence will be revealed as a mean-spirited Washington insider who wants to actively discriminate against gay people and work with Paul Ryan to gut entitlement programs. Good luck with that.

When it comes to charisma, Trump is a pound sterling, while Mike Pence is, well, one pence. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but on January 20, I hope it’s him and not Trump being sworn in. Our country’s future, and probably the earth’s, may depend on it.

This is illegal.

This is illegal.

Greg Olear

About Greg Olear

Greg Olear (@gregolear) is a founding editor of The Weeklings and the author of the novels Totally Killer and Fathermucker, an L.A. Times bestseller.
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34 Responses to How to Get Rid of Donald Trump: An Action Plan

  1. Barbara Miller says:

    You are amazing, if there is anything I can do in my own small way I will help.
    I am scared

    • Greg Olear Greg Olear says:

      We are all sacred. So the only thing to do is not let the story die. Keep calling him out when he does and says horrible things. Don’t give up. Remember, he “won” the election with fewer votes than HRC. He does not have a mandate.

    • dan says:

      you make sense. you are probably right but we don’t know what might get him out and we probably shouldn’t rule “anything” out.

  2. OF says:

    The Department of Justice is tallying phone calls regarding those who want the 2016 Vote Audited. A shift of just 55,000 Trump votes to Hillary in PA, MI & WI is all that is Needed to Win.
    They are starting to recognize there really is something off about the election results as they come in. Considering everything that is at stake, a vote audit should be done.
    Call the DOJ at 202-353-1555 and tell them you want the votes audited. Even if it’s busy, keep calling. It takes a few times to get through because of all the calls being made.

  3. John Butler says:

    I am not American (a Brit living in Canada), but I’d like to wish you all the best in surviving Trump. Anything you can do to dump this idiot you should do. I was appalled at his suggestion that Nigel Farage should be appointed ambassador to Washington, and even more appalled at the alt-right sympathisers appearing to be on Trump’s short list for cabinet candidates. Next he’ll make Sarah Palin ambassador to Russia, since it’s so near where she lives. Oh, I forgot– he has so far appointed no women (or black men) to his cabinet, just ignoramuses, religious fanatics and crypto-Nazis. All these people should slither back under their stones and stay there.

  4. Nicole says:

    Why no one is asking to see his tax return like he was making such a big deal about Obama’s birth certificate. We need some celebrities to start the harassment.

  5. Paula Caplan says:

    I just called the Department of Justice’s main number and was told that the DOJ does not conduct audits of elections. Now what?

  6. Ferd Berfle says:

    Oh, the humanity….

    Hyperbole, histrionics, and hogwash are your forte, apparently.

  7. Barbara Drescher says:

    Please stop already ! It is really pathetic. Do you really think the American people are falling for this media stuff. We are smarter then this !

  8. Howard Donigian says:

    Why don’t you nut heads just hire a hit man and have him assassinated. that is more like what you DemocRATS usually do. Give it up and realize we are sick of you DemocRATS ruining our country with Obama Soros, the Clintons, and the rest of the Yo Yos Pelosi, Reid, lynch, Sharpton, Black Panthers , Black Lives Matter, Riots, looting, Arson, Kill Cops ,Kill Whites. We the Republicans want our Country back from the last 8 years of Dictatorship. if you do not like what we voted for leave it is that simple.

    • Susan VanKuiken says:

      What Howard? Did you fail history or something? Kennedy, King, Kennedy, all Democrats. Not likely we Democrats organized those atrocities. Any ideas?

    • rick says:

      You’re under the spell of Rush Limbaugh, Michael (Wiener) Savage and Alex Jones, the three most unscrupulous liars in America.

    • Tikky says:

      Good Idea, I am a Liberal but this idea never my mind. Hmm, what is the reason to do that? Oh, the freedom from Fear. I see this Moron as a treath to every living thing on this Planet and I want to get rid of it.

    • Pisco Kid says:

      You are too disabled to copy three sentences from the New American Nazi Handbook. Try again focus on the third sentence and remember sentences begin with a capital letter. Also the syntax in this sentence reflects the fact that you dropped out of elementary school after failing third grade four times. But cheer up, Trump loves the undereducated.

    • bob says:

      you, sir, are a pos.

  9. Victrola2016 says:

    I’ll provide an alternate perspective. My family survived pogroms, Stalin’s jail murders, Communist persecution, our family DNA in the concentration camp ashes and (more recently) a difficult immigration. When we came to the US we thought, because of our quest for freedom and most importantly, freedom of thought at any cost rather than any financial gain, we were ‘liberals’. After all, how could one not think so given our difficult choices to leave all behind in exchange? Apparently, not. In the last 30+ years we learned differently. We watched with dismay a gradual build-up of blind Western liberal hysteria in response to a (more) conservative rejection of non-functional utopian ideals embraced by too many of little experience (or even knowledge) with actual outcomes backed by blood-soaked history while living with ALL the benefits of an economic system they deride and political system based on ‘inalienable rights’ protecting their right to do so. We questioned Obama’s anointment but once elected, all other issues aside, we silently lived with his bit.

    The country recently reacted to practical fall-out of his administration’s policies and attempts to elect a corrupt career politician and gosh darn it, it’s the end of the world. Here’s a newsflash for you – it is not. It was not the Republican party that got Trump elected, it was a candidate for those voting against Clinton and rejection of what DNC had to offer gathered under the next available ticket which did it – independents, new/never before voters, first-time non-Dem voters (who might return of offered a better option), minorities (of every flavor/color/sexual preference/education level) and yes, conservatives. A handful of lunatics here and there does not critical mass make no matter how much one repeats it. One does not need to see my State Dept friend’s reaction to Benghazi (it mattered to him), Wikileaks pantsing of HRC’s underworld, concerns of law enforcement families in the recent years or even closely follow world events to get it. Politics are a pendulum and this country’s population voted in someone who is not bound to anyone on the Hill. The dissatisfaction level was high enough to wake up otherwise passive sectors of US voters and it did not bode well the democrats. Bitter pill to swallow but that should not be our problem. These borderline psychotic rants about prevention of Trump’s presidency are doing more harm to ‘the cause’, however self-congratulatory they are. Deal with it privately as we did with Obama’s election. Be grateful when you might have more money for therapy animals and play clay as a result of his policies or knock on doors if this does not happen. Take a step outside of the echo chamber and stop pegging people with insulting labels as the only way to feed your cognitive dissonance. If Trump fails the votes will swing differently in the next election cycle.

    As for my parents, myself and others who have a more intimate understanding of the nightmarish echoes of the impractical and freedom-stifling regimes we escaped promoted louder and louder by the globalists in the last decade, we find comfort in the freedom of choice our votes provided and liberal unhinged hysteria and violence confirmed. I wish there was a way to impart our collective experiences on Olear but alas, no such luck. Besides, he would not be remotely interested, fingers wrapped tightly around his Starbuck’s cup, typing frantically on the latest tablet, warmed by his superiority only stoking sjw embers may provide. I hear it’s the same sensation a crack addict might experience from the first hit leaving him yearning for more, but I digress. Ignore history if you must, but there are enough people in this country (yes, so many of us immigrants) who do remember, having lived with and through alternatives. We are not remotely alarmed and just want to get on with our lives and see what the new administration has to offer. Find a more constructive outlet for your disappointment and do something about your voter base for the next round of elections. Isn’t this the advice doled out by the winners of 2008 and 2012 elections? I won’t bother with searching out Greg Olear’s commentary archive but perhaps his breathless supporters might find some useful advice nuggets there to get them through the next few years. Freedom of speech was becoming the thing of the past. How well we remember that. “Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.” ― Voltaire. What one considers an absurdity is ‘a matter of opinion’ for some but last presidential elections give a good clue about preponderance of electoral votes’ definition.

    Having written all this, to further lift my mood I’ll go and re-read Julian Gough’s brilliant post-mortem review of PostCapitalism by Paul Mason (thankfully not the hawt ‘hipster Santa’ model from Toronto) and remember that at least not all of the world has gone mad.


    This moron is going to be in complete control of everything thats detrimental to America. He will have access to highly confidential information, the secrets of our Country, and the spies hes putting in control of staff and security is a situation like no other. Russia will gain access into America with the help of the neonazis backing Drumpf. Seeing that DTs grandfather was deported/kicked out of his Hitler based country of Germany one must ponder DTs real agenda of being in the most powerful position of America.

  11. Nis Van says:

    You, sir, are a miracle. Please don’t stop. Yours is the most cogent, lucid, viewpoint I’ve seen yet. I’ve been searching, and now I have found. Please rock on. You can help lead us out of this mess.

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  13. Deborah Matthews says:

    I encourage all to go to for a list of companies to boycott per association with trump products or per promoting his campaign. Much satisfaction to be had in watching this pig loose millions. Would it not be sweet justice to have him impeached AND broke?

  14. Sally Delozier says:

    Just very scared. He is insane and needs to be stopped! We are so lucky to live in America and he will ruin it all.

  15. Mary Winmag says:

    I’m in what’s the plan!

  16. Mary Winmag says:

    Is it true the Trump hotel at the old post office building in washington dc is infested with plague ridden rats?? Wow maybe his other properties are that funky.

  17. Todd says:

    They are on the same team. ( TRUMP controls Obama and Hillary)
    Iran/Benghazi/Russia Hack ( TREASON)
    “You have to take out their families” are his real repeated premeditated terrorism. ( To trick the USA, into voting to support his terrorism).

    Each promotes terrorism:
    classifying Fort Hood as “workplace violence” (encourages), /Obama
    Sets up at golf course after soldiers attacked / Obama
    Funds Irans Leadership after they say they want to destroy America / Obama
    What difference does it (their lives) make, / Hillary
    Funds ISIS / Hillary
    National security (lives and military jeopardized for years / Hillary
    You have to take out their families / Trump
    Military will not refuse my orders even if they consider them illegal / Trump
    Torture or worse / Trump

    Whether you voted or not, and for whom, everyone needs to speak out.

    Remove Donald John Trump Sr., Identify him nationally and internationally as (that man of sin) that means demonic, evil, sadistic, torturous, treasonous, terrorism radicalizer, and you know the list, of willful unrepentant sin, he is freaking evil.

    Trump is death. All nations need to reject him, he is a criminal and has already committed treason against the USA (YOUR LIVES / OUR MILITARY) before the election, he must be removed.

    Electors must be warned. Military cannot serve, with his prior divulged, repeated, terrorism plan to target “families”. Families identifies them from “terrorist”, he wants to kill. The evidence is on video for the world /enemies.

  18. Lee says:

    Im not going to watch him sworn in, Im going to listen to music, I will not watch any of his spewing, He loves the media, he thrives on it, when he pulls what he did to them the other cay calling them fake news etc. the entire News people there should of stood up and walked out, No media is also good media. There is freedom of new and speach, and he has that right to but if he continues I will not longer play into his attention seeking games. I think mentally he is not fit, he needs to get a good mental health check up and if he passes all the then he needs to learn respect, manners, and grow the hell up

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