Bern Notice: Dear Sanders Supporters, Please Stop Repeating These Anti-Hillary GOP Talking Points

The Sanders dream is over. It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee that Hillary has been brewing since the 3AM wake-up call. Continue reading

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Prince, Todd, RuPaul, & Me

Prince and I did not get off, so to speak, on the good foot. While he would ultimately influence me – both personally and musically – as much as Bowie or the Beatles (my Trinity), his presence initially challenged the most important friendship of my life. Then, it cemented that friendship, and led to funk n’ roll adventures alongside a superstar-in-exile named RuPaul.

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Looking Back at the Abyss: Reflections on Binge-Watching “Hannibal”

Binge-watching Hannibal gets to be a pretty harrowing affair. Hear why.

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Astrological Forecast for April and May 2016

“Basically, what this portends for everyone—but especially those whose Suns are in the Zodiac signs Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius, Sagittarius and Gemini—is it would be wise to expect the unexpected.”

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[random text and images generated by pretentious robots]
“. . . the chalybeous night swarmed around, erubescent glass dark catoptromancies, ecchymotic seeping, a chiliad of coruscation, auroral florid bathers, rummaging cacoethes . . .”

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Monday Rock City: A Conversation with Captain & Tennille’s Toni Tennille

They were known as pop’s most wholesome duo, a husband and wife team beloved for their dazzling smiles, love-conquers-all message and super-cute songs about butterscotch castles, muskrat kisses and Disney girls. But was there more to the story for multi-platinum, Grammy-winning, hit TV stars Captain … Continue reading

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American flag against blue sky

Why America Should Ban Elections

“As long as the Establishment holds, the spectacle’s too much fun to look away, right? Well, there are times, like Trump 2016, when we should look away. We must permanently sever the circus spectacle from democracy.”

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Talking Trees

What can a series of ancient trees, stripped bare before their spring flowering disguises them, tell us about themselves — and ourselves?

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Sunday Ink: Typhoon in Macao

The single best art-prose mashup on the Internet

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