Peace Is Patriotic, But War Stirs the Blood

Tracing the paths of glory: Boys, Guns, and the Fascination with War Continue reading

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The Greatest Game on Earth: 2014 NHL Season Preview

The 2014 NHL season starts today, and Jarret Middleton breaks it down deeper and harder than anyone has a right to. If you’re not an expert after this, you’re not paying attention. Continue reading

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Dissident Aggressor: An Interview with Trevor Phipps

If the true story of Mormons slaughtering Christians on the American plains sounds interesting, then the new Unearth record might be right up your alley. We sit down with frontman Trevor Phipps to discuss the lyrics and the making of “Watchers of Rule,” the band’s heaviest record yet. We also talk about “The Love Boat.” Continue reading

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Monday Rock City: A Conversation with Joe Perry of Aerosmith

Intrepid scribe J.M. Blaine chats with rock icon Joe Perry, lead guitarist and co-mastermind – with Steven Tyler – of Aerosmith, and it’s a helluva ride. Perry’s long-awaited memoir “Rocks: My Life In and Out of Aerosmith” drops this week, and the soulful brooder gives us all a sneak peek at his amazing, drug-addled, miraculous, and glitzy tale, which also includes advice on how to stay married for three decades, which may be his most amazing achievement of all. Continue reading

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Oct A single

Sunday Light and Word – Patterns of Mind

“Searching the angles of chance” Continue reading

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Seven Things We Don’t Care About This Week: YOU WON’T BELIEVE HOW BAD NUMBER 4 MAKES YOU ITCH!

Every single thing that we shouldn’t be talking about now combined in one easy-to-swallow gel cap. Continue reading

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Away With Dusty, or Room 2: The Story Suite

In the last leg of Timothy Braun’s road trip with his dog Dusty, the pair cross the Rocky Mountains, meet a rock star in yuppified Boulder, choose love over ghosts and celebrate with a bone-shaped cake. Also starring Spider-Man, Haruki Murakami, Thurston Moore, and a horse named Katy. Continue reading

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