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451 degrees.

Sorry, Charlie

Everyone, it seems, opposes censorship until it’s their sacred cow being smacked around; anyone can endorse artists’ rights until it’s their ass in the crosshairs. Free speech is—and must be—an all-or-nothing proposition. Continue reading

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Borne Back Ceaselessly Into the Past: Steinbeck, Nostalgia, Empathy and Amtrak

What does Amtrak’s writer residency program signify about where we are artistically, culturally, and politically today? In 2014 we’re all about nostalgia, yet America’s infrastructure is slowly falling apart. Sean Murphy investigates. Continue reading

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The Trump Stone

What would future interplanetary paleographers make of America, if the only remaining trace of our culture were this week’s tweets from Donald Trump and Victoria Jackson? James Greer investigates. Continue reading

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