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Eastbound and Down: Another Middle-Aged White Guy Breaks Bad

Kenny Powers and Walter White couldn’t be less alike. Except both are real, manly men doing real, manly things – like baseball and meth-making. Lara Zarum looks deeper at TV’s favorite character, the middle-aged white guy and his dream of machismo. Continue reading

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The Uncertainty Principle: Breaking Down the Last Two Episodes of “Breaking Bad”

As we head into the home stretch of one of the greatest shows of all time, Greg Olear peers into his crystal (meth) ball. One thing’s for sure: no one will be having an A-1 day.

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Bryan Cranston gets to show off his classical chops in this modern tragedy.

All’s Good That Ends (Breaking) Bad

With the finale of AMC’s Breaking Bad approaching, Tom Gualtieri looks at the tragedy of Walter White. *Spoilers ahead.*

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Crazy about "Homeland."

Homeland Breaks Bad

In the HBO era, there have been just four elite American TV dramas. Is Homeland the fifth? Greg Olear investigates.

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