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The Hippie Angel

Robert Burke Warren’s Yuletide of death, porn, and a hippie angel. Continue reading

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Star Wars Holiday Special

The Flaw In the Force: The Star Wars Holiday Special

George Lucas tried his best to keep 1978’s Star Wars Holiday Special from ever being seen, but the Internet has bested him. Robert Burke Warren gives a kind overview to this perceived blight on Lucas’ legacy, and suggests you do the same. After all, it’s Christmas! (And/or Life Day.)

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Original Merry Sixmas artwork by David Greenberger

We Wish You a Merry Sixmas

Was there ever a better Christmas mixtape than Merry Sixmas? Likely not. Our music editor Robert Burke Warren takes us back to the 80s, when a second-generation cassette mix made by a stranger named Eddie G opened up a whole new way of listening to and sharing music.

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Seven Things We Don’t Care About This Week: Celebrities Who Have Had Their Teeth Replaced with Taylor Swift

Every single thing that we shouldn’t be talking about now combined in one easy-to-swallow gel cap.

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sum swamp

Plus or Minus: A Brief Study In Fatherhood

In which Matthew Norman asks the question: is Matthew Norman a shitty father?

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And To All a Good Night

In this holiday trilogy that should be read around the fire, Lawrence Benner brilliantly captures the heart and soul of Christmas. Plus evil, redemption, and the lifting of veils.

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kissing the right way

A Curmudgeon’s Guide to Mistletoe Mishaps

Tom Gualtieri tells you why your kisses under the mistletoe are all wrong and how you can improve them.

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Santa Claus by Thomas Nast.

Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus, and He is the Devil’s Minion

Is the Santa Myth good for kids?

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Beth77's To-Do list from Flickr

List Free Or Die

Live by the list, die by the list. And now Jeff Nishball is brushing up his holiday list.

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