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Anatomy in 1792. Engraving by Daniel Chodowiecki from Franz Heinrich Ziegenhagen, Lehre vom richtigen Verhältnis zu den Schöpfungswerken und die durch öffentliche Einführung desselben allein zu bewürkende algemeine Menschenbeglükkung

Notes from Trigger-gate: Why I Give Trigger Warnings

Preventing little Johnny, José, or Jamila from getting a tad misty-eyed in a classroom is not, ideally, what trigger warnings are about, says Sayantani DasGupta. Continue reading

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D&D party

Can Dungeons & Dragons Help You Write Your Novel?

Some people consider D&D to be the pursuit of anti-social high schoolers and thirty-year-old virgins. Are they correct? This author argues that D&D didn’t only help him write his first novel. It gave him a methodology.

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