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Every single thing that we shouldn’t be talking about now combined in one easy-to-swallow gel cap. Continue reading

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West Brom Albion, quintessential style and good graphic design ca. 1972.

The World Calling

Club Soccer (and following it) is the cure to what ails the world. Dennie Wendt on football (not the US’s) aka the world’s game. Continue reading

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Tim Howard eyes the ball for Everton...

The Outsiders: Goalies, Writing & Existentialism

For the World Cup Final, James Irwin on the weirdness of goalies. Or: why so many writers (Camus, Nabokov) have served in soccer’s goal box. Continue reading

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Bowling For The Holidays

Wherein Dennie Wendt breaks down the college football bowl schedule so hard there is literally no reason to watch a single game, let alone listen to three words from Kirk Herbstreit. Continue reading

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JUST SAYIN’, with Big Ron Dantomine

Wherein former semi-professional athlete Ron Dantomine gets his hands dirty examining the cruel underbelly of big money sports. Continue reading

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The Weeklings 2012 NFL Preview

Everything you need to know about America’s Favorite Sport, which is less than you think. Continue reading

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Season Finale

In which Alex Clark settles down to enjoy a quiet afternoon in front of the football and explains just how football is not football. Not where it concerns the Football Association season end, that is. Continue reading

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