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Hi Kurt!

Calm Like a Bomb: Bruce Pavitt Recalls Nirvana’s ’89 European Campaign

Bruce Pavitt’s Experiencing Nirvana: Grunge in Europe, 1989 covers the final eight days of the TAD/Nirvana 1989 European tour, beginning in Rome where Kurt Cobain had an emotional meltdown, to a triumphant finale at London’s Astoria Theater. Continue reading

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Walk the walk – Stringer Bell

Walking With Soulless Haste

Walking while black, Derek Bardowell looks at how racism pervades every part of the street, subtly pressed into the corners and curbs of London.

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Early lesson learned: if you have to suffer (and you will), do it in style.

The Stories That We Tell Ourselves Can Be Revised

In which Lauren Cerand realizes another world is possible.

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Fish Island CARS

Take Me To The River

On the wrong side of the river (and the tracks) Alex Clark explores an opposite Olympics – and a future of London post games. And, has a drink to boot.

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If I Ran the Olympics: Ten Simple Solutions for Improving the Games

In which Bill Spring fixes the Games.

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XXX Notes on the XXX Olympics Opening Ceremony

In which Greg Olear shares his impressions on the awe-inspiring Opening Ceremony.

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Trunks at the end of my blue canopy bed, for that "Slow Boat to China" vibe

Love, Muddled and Stirred

In which Lauren Cerand mixes the elixir of life.

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Captain America, The Earl of Grantham & The Office of Deliverance: The New BBC Comedy “Twenty Twelve”

In which Dennie Wendt raves about “Captain America” and “Twenty Twelve,” the new BBC comedy starring “Downton Abbey”‘s Hugh Bonneville about a (make-believe?) team trying to deliver the Olympic Games to London.

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Baby Love? Vinyl Love.

Dawn of the Dead (Kennedys)

In which Alex Clark overcomes natural laziness and a complete ignorance of record collecting to go hunting for vinyl at sunrise–all to mark Record Store Day 2012.

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