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The Power of Political Narrative: Part Two, The Dems

While today’s Republican Party has the cowardice of its convictions, the feckless Dems are experts at stepping on their own…message. It may, sadly, be too late for the mid-terms, but can they get on the right side of a true narrative, and history, before 2016? Continue reading

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Ivy Leaguers, Tiger Mothers, and “Excellent Sheep”: A Discussion with William Deresiewicz

In this far-ranging discussion, Greg Olear talks to the author of Excellent Sheep: The Miseducation of the American Elite and the Way to a Meaningful Life about the problems with higher education, politics, the left, and Obama. Continue reading

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Billboard with portrait of Assad and the text Allah protects Syria on the old city wall of Damascus 2006 Photo: Bertil Videt, January 2006.

Six Things I’ve Learned From the Syria Crisis

Robert Burke Warren makes sense of the complex situation in Damascus. Continue reading

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On the 25th anniversary of James Hansen’s prophetic testimony before Congress, Danbert Nobacon makes a plea for environmental enlightenment–or a least a reason not to spark a worldwide revolution. Continue reading

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East Toledo, Ohio from the Toledo Blade

East Toledo, 2012

East Toledo could be the land that people forgot and keep forgetting. Mermer Blakeslee returns in 2012 campaigning for Obama, finding hope and inspiration. Continue reading

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Obama the Terrible

Torture, imprisonment without trial, and summary execution are hallmarks of totalitarianism. They are also U.S. foreign policy. Why is Barack Obama so comfortable with absolute power? Continue reading

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Sandy Hook Truthers are Afraid of the Dark

As children we fear the Boogeyman. As adults we fear complex thoughts. Sandy Hook Truthers are still afraid of the beast in the closet, and they want everyone else to be, too. Continue reading

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