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The Week in Bad Poems: Election Epigrams

Some light verse / from the hearse / Of our democratic system. Continue reading

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rich bw

The Mind-Blowing Odes of L.A.’s Hardest-Rocking Poet

“So when somebody comes up to me and says, “You know what? You made me like that again,” I just think, ‘Hell yeah..'” -Rich Ferguson on the reactions to his jaw-dropping live performances.

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INTO THE MORNING was created by Gerardine Clark, a faculty member at the Syracuse University Drama Department, to commemorate the lives of the 5 Drama students lost in the Pan Am 103 attack.

A Mind of Winter

Tom Gualtieri reflects on winters spent in Syracuse, N.Y.—including the tragic one in 1988.

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Percy Byssche Shelley

Ode to “Ode to the West Wind”

Greg Olear sings the praises of one of his favorite poems, by the great Percy Byssche Shelley.

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Raw Book Reviews by the Restlessly Deceased: Charles Bukowski on Martin Amis

During each installment of this regular and beloved feature, a new book is reviewed from beyond the grave by a restless author of yore. This week, Charles Bukowski dirty old mans Martin Amis’s “Lionel Asbo.”

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