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In Defense of Disco

Disco does not suck. At least, as a genre it doesn’t suck, any more than rock n’ roll sucks, or jazz, or hip hop. Certainly, some of it, subjectively speaking, is awful. (I submit: the exquisitely bad “Disco Duck.” But … Continue reading

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De Facto Feminism, Or More Power to the Candy Lady

De Facto feminists, black women fighting/finding contingency, building bridges, breaking bread, all in a country that counts them out. Judy Juanita tallies up all the ways feminism finds its way. Continue reading

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Violence in Ferguson, Violence in the System

Jarret Middleton deconstructs the Ferguson grand jury decision and the deeper meaning of the killing of Michael Brown. Continue reading

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Vlad III Draculea, the Wallachian prince on whom Stoker's vampire was reportedly based.

Understanding “Dracula”

Vampire stories, while timeless, are really only as narratively rich as the world they emerge from and thematically draw on. Continue reading

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Low Water Bridge, Morgans Ford Road, Virginia.

If The River Was A Confederate Flag

Jose Padua finds that the Civil War is hardly over in his hometown, and standing one’s ground, might be something like a smile, which isn’t exactly well received. The state of race in the South… Continue reading

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Migrant shacks.

The Mexican Connection, Part III: The Huddled Masses

If we offer a viable, legal way for people to come and work, and then return to their country at the end of the growing season, we will practically eliminate illegal immigration. Katie Arnoldi and Greg Olear investigate. Continue reading

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Walk the walk – Stringer Bell

Walking With Soulless Haste

Walking while black, Derek Bardowell looks at how racism pervades every part of the street, subtly pressed into the corners and curbs of London. Continue reading

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Basterds Unchained: The Revenge of Artistic License

A devoted film-goer takes on the vitriol aimed at Tarantino’s most recent additions to American cinema, and mulls over the legitimacy of revenge fantasies. Continue reading

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