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U2: All That You Can’t Leave Behind

Everyone else may hate U2, but Kurt Baumeister will always love them in spite of themselves. Continue reading

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War is Beautiful: An Interview with David Shields

Davis Schneiderman talks to David Shields about his new book, a collage of war images published by the Paper of Record.

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Peace Is Patriotic, But War Stirs the Blood

Tracing the paths of glory: Boys, Guns, and the Fascination with War

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The Barber of Aleppo

Jack Cheng recalls the time he spent on archeological digs in Syria, and wonders what happened to the kind people he encountered.

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All images from photo essay "14 Powerful Photos Show A Side To Afghan Women Americans Don't Usually See." On Tumblr  site "Oppressed Brown Women Doing Things."

‘All the Foreign Ladies’: The Case Against Saving Global Women and Girls

Why is it we think women in Afghanistan or Iraq or anywhere they might wear a veil need saving? Sayantani DasGupta looks at the irony in saving women with bombs and drones.

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Apocalypse Soon

The Book of Revelation got it wrong: there are SEVEN Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

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Obama With a Thousand Faces

Perceptions of Obama from 2008 endure, on both right and left—and none of them are true. Greg Olear points out seven things the President is not.

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